Oracle Management Server - unable to logon 
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 Oracle Management Server - unable to logon


I have installed Oracle8i 8.1.5, OEM 2.0.4 on Windows 2000 Server. I am
having trouble configuring Oracle Management Server. I am unable to logon
to OEM. I am trying to logon to OEM using "sysman/oem_temp" and Management
Server = "ERNST-YSYEVX4LZ" which is the name of the machine I have
installed Oracle8i/OEM on. Oracle8i and OEM are installed in seperate
directories. OMS service "OracleOraOEM81ManagementServer" is installed on
the PC but when I tried to started it gave me an error and would not
start. Anybody has any idea to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.


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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
 Oracle Management Server - unable to logon

Here is how I installed OEM with an 8.1.5 database on a machine
named elvis.  Maybe something here will be of help.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 2.0.4
Next I put in the OEM 2.0.4 CD-ROM.  This product has to install
in a separate Oracle Home.
1. First, I made sure the processes parameter in the init.ora
file was set to 250.  When prompted for an Oracle Home Name I
used Oem204.  For a location I created a directory, then used
2. For an installation I chose Management Server and Enterprise
Manager Client
3. I chose a custom installation so I could see the choices.  The
default is to install everything but I chose not to install the
universal installer because it was a lower version than the one I
had installed with Oracle 8.1.5
4.      When asked I checked that the management server would
require a new repository.
5. A message box appeared saying that after I successfully
configured my Management Server to access a repository, I must
manually register the Oracle Application Manager with the
Management Server.  To do this get the instructions at
6. Among the many products installed are
DBA Management Pack
Enterprise Manager Console
Instance Manager
Oracle Applications Manager (version 1.0 beta)
Replication Manager (version 2.0 beta)
Schema Manager
Security Manager
Storage Manager
        Install actions are logged to C: \ Program Files \ Oracle
\ Inventory \logs \ InstallActions.log.  The log
already there is renamed to the date and time the new one was
7. I went to SQL*Plus and created user sysman identified by
sysman.  Then I granted connect, resource
and dba to sysman.
8.      When I got the select database for repository window I
entered User Name: sysman   Password: sysman   Service:
9.      The repository owner is sysman, password sysman.  After
the install I tried to log on as sysman/sysman
but that is the repository owner and password in the database.
The OEM administrator and password have a default setting of
sysman and oem_temp.  I logged in to OEM as sysman/oem_temp, then
immediately changed the password to sysman.  Now I can log in as
sysman/sysman.  Even though I made the database repository owner
and the OEM administrator both sysman/sysman, they represent two
different things.
10.     I went into the control panel and started the intelligent
agent by hand.  Then I did discover nodes and used node which is the IP address I assigned to elvis during
the install of WindowsNT.
Then I used the CD-ROM with the tuning pack to do a custom
install the tuning pack.  The installation wizard made it look
like it would install a lot more, but it recognized that things
were installed already and added only the tuning pack pieces.
Once again I had to deselect the Oracle Installer from the list
of pieces to install, since the version on this CD-ROM is older
than the one already installed  I did the same thing for three
more CD-ROMs - Change Management Pack, Standard Management Pack
and Oracle Diagnostics Pack.
11. To get all the sub-products to work I had to change the
temporary tablespace for each user to TEMP.  I had to add another
200M datafile to the system tablespace.  I had to edit the two
tnsnames.ora files set up by OEM on drive F and add an entry for
ORCL.GLENHILL which looks the same as the entry ORCL in the
tnsnames.ora file set up for the 8.1.5 database on drive E
12. I did not do the separate steps for installing Oracle
Application Manager mentioned in step 5.  This is a
beta product we don't need at this time.
13. I brought up Enterprise Manager Console and discovered the
nodes.  On some we have no intelligent
14. agent running and I had to enter database information by
hand.  Typical information looks like this:  /  1526
/  orcl

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Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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