University of Md looking for Software using Oracle 8 
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 University of Md looking for Software using Oracle 8

Hello Every One,
I am helping to search for companies that sell financial software as
well as some
point of sale and manufacturing software to replace the existing systems

here at the Pysics Department.  We have 2 non cash stores, a Machine
shop ( non-
cash), Purchasing, Shipping and Reciveving, as well as a Billing /
Accounting office
that need interconnecting ( GUI )software that will run on win 95/NT
clients and
use an Oracle 8 ( not 8i ) server operating on a DEC Alpha running Dig
If any one knows of any companies that are doing such work for
reasonable costs
( < 40 K out of box no implementation or intallation included )  please
let me know.

The other question I might ask is does anyone know of any Universities
or non profit
operations that are similar to ours that might have software that is
worth recomending;
and that we could speak to.

Any leads would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance

Sat, 11 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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