XML manipulation in PL/SQL (non 8i/9i) 
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 XML manipulation in PL/SQL (non 8i/9i)

Hi all,

Wondering if this is the right group to post to, please advise if otherwise.

I need to be able to manipulate XML messages, either returned as a parameter
from an external procedure call (.so on Unix or .dll on NT) or as persistent
messages (files) from Pl/SQL stored procedures.

This is done for an interface project. The current interface architecture is
based on the exchange of persistent, fixed field length ASCII files between
the interfacing systems, UTL_FILE got me there. The stored procedures were
called from a scheduler, either from Unix scripts running on the crontab or
from batch files on NT, which in turn called sqlplus to run anonymous bloks.
The idea is to preserve this way of running the stored procedures, obviously
not necessarily using UTL_FILE.

I am aware that I could accomplish just that, using 8i/9i server and the XDK
for Pl/SQL. Problem is: I may not have this option, as this is a big
customer with its own standards and does not upgrade easily its IT

What I'm asking is then: is there a way to manipulate XML in Pl/SQL on
Oracle 7.3.4. and/or 8.05, e.i. short of writing my own parser?

I'm thinking on the lines of being able to access Java classes from stored
procedures, which is apparently what 8i/9i can do.

Any insight much appreciated.

Radu Lascae

Wed, 24 Mar 2004 17:26:53 GMT
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