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I am making a website using Oracle webserver 3 using PLSQL
I am having small a problem using procedures

I have a login page executed with the procedure "login"
Then another procedure called "exec_login" which does the processing for
"login" when the user clicks the submit button.
Then there is a small problem when i execute a procedure from within
another procedure it does not end the current procedure.
Theirfore is the user gets his username / password wrong too many times
the oracle server falls over because there are too many procedures
within procedures open.
Is there any way to tell the oracle server to finish the current
procedure close it and remove it from memory and then go on to a new one

A quick outline below

procedure login
-- display web page
-- include text boxes for user to enter login details
-- submit button to dubmit details to "exec_login"
end login;

procedure exec_login (variables from login)
--check the user is valid
if user name and password = ok then
 -- this procedure stays open waiting for Next_Procedure to finish
(which it never will) till the user closes the browser
end if;

if user name and password = not ok then
 go back to login
 -- this procedure stays open waiting for login to finish
end if;

end exec login;

Sun, 11 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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