OAS and DB - Peculiar problem!!!!!!!!! 
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 OAS and DB - Peculiar problem!!!!!!!!!

I have got this peculiar problem with the OAS (4.0.7) and DB (Oracle
8.0.5) on
Inside the c cartridge which Im writing using the OCI I have got a
switch case.
One of the cases concern with insert into the DB a row.
I'm running the c cartridge through the browser(HTTP).
In few of the times the insert succeeded and the line is insert into the
DB , on other
times I get on the browser : "cannot service this request please try
again later".
I must emphasize that these different messages are get for the same code
in the c
cartridge , no change is done but still there is this problem.
1) What is the reason for this problem?
2) How it can be solved?
Thank you all

Tue, 23 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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