Need to convert data to CSV text format? 
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 Need to convert data to CSV text format?

You can download a powerful database movement and migration tool Chyfo at

This tool facilitates the movement of tables between different or same
databases. It exports a table to a text file (CSV, TAB and fixed length are
supported formats) and generates table, indexes creation and import scripts
for specified system.

The tool is especially designed for Oracle and IBM DB2 database but can be
also helpful for other database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase,
Informix and others.

The tool can export data from any database accessible through ODBC
It has a lot of features useful for DBAs:

 - This is a command prompt tool. So you can create various scripts to
automate your work.
 - You can provide any SELECT statement from the command prompt or a file
specifying the data to be exported.
 - You can provide list of columns to be excluded from converting, start row
and number of rows to be exported.
 - The tool generates native CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX scripts for Oracle,
IBM DB2 and MS SQL Server.
 - The tool generates loading scripts for specified database (control files
for Oracle SQL Loader, IMPORT and LOAD scripts for IBM DB2).
 - Movement of LOBs are fully supported.
 - Many small useful features as output table and files names, file
directories and others.

Best regards, Ispirer Systems.

Sat, 30 Aug 2003 02:22:57 GMT
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