Hot and Cold Backups?? 
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 Hot and Cold Backups??

I tend to think you have no need for Hot Backups in your case, although
I would keep the archivelog mode on.  With the cold backups, you have
the ability to bring the database base to a starting point and roll
forward with the archivelogs.  

Think of the Cold Backup as the best solution when available because the
database is in in static state.  The HotBackup is the acceptable
solution if Cold is not a viable alternative.  Hot is not as good
because the database is not in a static state (Shut Down) and the chance
of error is greater (Although still slight).

Exports in my environment are only used as needed.  I rely on Cold
Weekly, Hot Daily backups, with archivelog of course.

Remember, a paranoid DBA is a good thing to have!

Sun, 17 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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