Oracle 8.0.5 on Linux ( The nightmare ) 
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 Oracle 8.0.5 on Linux ( The nightmare )


 I just got out of a huge nightmare (Oracle 8.0.5 on Linux !)
Want to share a couple of insights I got from the exercise.

The Application is a message forwarder which uses a table to
store messages incase they cant be sent immediately.It is written in
pro c .

Here's the bug parade.

1. Oracle 8.0.5 does not support pthread applications . So had to
put a mutex lock so that only one thread at a time can access the db.

2. Glibc :
Oracle 'recommends' a glibcpatch - (the compilation wont happen
The glibc patch stops the fflush(stdin) from working. So you have to
go in a loop to remove the chars from the keyboard.

3. Memory Leaks :
An open and close of a cursor leaks 24K. (like it ?) This is if it is
as a separate process.

4. File Descriptor leaks :
If the process is threaded, we get file descriptor leaks. A small prog
two threads, one opening and closing a cursor, the other trying to get a
file handle. Give it 10 minutes, the second thread cant get file handles
at all !

5. Precompiler probs :
Half the syntax as shown in http://www.***.com/ gives assertions.

I'm out of oracle, into Sybase right now and am trying to run the same
benchmark tests. Will tell you what happens with sybase.


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