what are some good books that teach sybase? 
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 what are some good books that teach sybase?

I would like to learn Sybase - what are some good
books for this?

I already know MS Access 2.0 pretty well, but I assume
the UNIX-based Sybase environment is worlds away from
Windows, at least in some ways.

Fri, 10 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 what are some good books that teach sybase?


> I would like to learn Sybase - what are some good
> books for this?

> I already know MS Access 2.0 pretty well, but I assume
> the UNIX-based Sybase environment is worlds away from
> Windows, at least in some ways.

From the upcoming 2.1 version of the FAQ (question 7.2):

Net Book Review


   * Sybase
   * Sybase Architecture and Administration
   * Developing Sybase Applications
   * Sybase Developer's Guide
   * Sybase DBA Survival Guide
   * Guide to SQL Server
   * Client/Server Development with Sybase
   * Physical Database Design of Sybase SQL Server
   * High Performance Relational Database Design

Sybase - McGoveran and Date

ISBN: 0-201-55710-X Published by Addison-Wesley. 450 pages.

I think that once, not too long ago, this used to be the only book on Sybase
available. Now it seems to be totally out of print! It covered versions of
Sybase SQL server up to 4.8. It covered a number of aspects of Sybase,
including APT.

Sybase Architecture and Administration - Kirkwood

ISBN: 0-13-100330-5 Published by Ellis Horwood. 404 pages.

This is a good book covering Sybase systems up to and including System 10. It
deals to a good depth the architecture and how most of the functions such as
the optimiser work. It explains in a readable style how devices work, and how
indexes are stored and manipulated.

Developing Sybase Applications - Worden

ISBN: 0-672-30700-6 Published by SAMS. ??? pages. (Inc CD.)

This books seems very similar to number 4 to me and so I have not bought it. I
have browsed through several times in the book shop, and decided that his other
book covers a good deal of this. There are chapters on Visual Basic and

Sybase Developer's Guide - Worden

ISBN: 0-672-30467-8 Published by SAMS. 698 pages. (Inc disk.)

This is a big book that does not, in my opinion, cover very much. In fact the
disk that is included contains DBATools, and that seems to sum up the first 50%
of the book. There is a fair amount of coverage of the general architecture and
how to install Sybase. Transact SQL, cursors and stored procedures get a fair
covering, as does using C/C++ with DB-Library. (I can find no mention of
CT-Library.) Unfortunately quite a lot of the book covers general issues which
are not covered in sufficient depth to be useful, and just seem to be there to
give the book bulk. Maybe as a developer's guide, his other book would be a
better buy. This would probably be most useful to a small company implementing
a Sybase database.

Sybase DBA Survival Guide - Jeff Garbus, David Solomon, Brian Tretter

ISBN: 0-672-30651-4 Published by SAMS. 506 pages. (Inc disk.)

This book is good, and is a great help in a crisis. It includes lots of useful
ideas and strategies for most (if not all) of the DBA tasks. It covers Sybase
SQL Server on all platforms. It does not specifically cover any of the
Microsoft versions, and certainly not version 6. It does cover System 10. It is
very good at explaining the output from things like the DBCC commands. There is
also a good section on what to look for in the errorlog. If you are a DBA and
want to buy just one book, I would recommend this one since it covers just
about everything you will need to know. This book is filled with little hints,
tips and warnings which are very useful. They have certainly saved my bacon on
a number of occasions, and have even made me look a real star more than once.

Guide to SQL Server - Aloke Nath

ISBN: 0-201-62631-4 Published by Addison-Wesley. 567 pages.

This book is solely about MS SQL Server, covering 4.2 for OS/2 and SQL Server
NT. It is not bad, but does seem to regurgitate a lot from the Sybase [sic]
manuals. Its coverage is fairly broad dealing with Transact SQL on the one hand
through to client configuration on the other. It does cover the aspects of MS
Sqlserver that are different from Sybase, (dbcc perfmon for instance) but it
does not flag any as such. Probably a good buy if you only have MS Sqlserver
and never intend looking at Sybase.

Client/Server Development with Sybase - Berson

ISBN: ???? Published by McGraw-Hill. ??? pages.

I know nothing about this book apart from its title and author. A similar book
by the same author on Client Server architectures is very good. This is part of
the McGraw-Hill "academic" series.

Physical Database Design of Sybase SQL - Sybase Server

ISBN: ???? Published by Prentice-Hall. 220 pages.

I have seen this title in a book list and know nothing about it. I am not even
sure of its title.

High Performance Relational Database Design - Kirkwood

ISBN: 0-13-030198-1 Published by Ellis Horwood. 263 pages.

This book deserves a mention, partly because it is very good and partly because
it does have a chapter about Sybase optimisation. It is a very good book and
should be a must for all DBAs and anyone designing and building database


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