"Departmental" Server(s) 
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 "Departmental" Server(s)

I am seeking information, pointers to resources, or direct contact for
information on setting up a Sybase System 10 based "departmental" server
environment.  The scenario is this:

I'm looking for cost and support considerations for the possiblilty
of "downsizing" an application from a large unix/sybase corporate environment
to function in a smaller "unrelated to the corporate" departmental
environment.  The server(s) should handle 40 to 80 clients, and require
hot backup capability.  Ability to scale up to larger servers should not be

Q: Is anyone running an environment of  the sybase replication model for
redundant servers in a "small" environment? The primary server would
be used for the transaction processing, with replication server updating the
second server.  In addition, the second server would be used
for reporting and other data analysis functions.

If you've been there, have information, or would just like to talk about it,
send email.  Thanks in Advance,

Ted Modica

Mon, 02 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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