DB-Library, CT-Library or Embedded SQL 
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 DB-Library, CT-Library or Embedded SQL


>>        Here's a few advantages to go with E/SQL.
>>        E/SQL makes you _somewhat_ database independent.
>>        It'd be easier to switch to some other RDBMS.

>>        Second, with E/SQL, you're learning a generic language
>>        that makes one a little more marketable than becoming
>>        knowledgeable about some arcane jargon.

>>        Also, were Sybase to _change_ the ct lib, you'd have to
>>        convert your code.
>>        Whereas if it were in E/SQL Sybase would certainly release
>>        a new pre-compiler to take existing E/SQL and
>>        macro it into the right Sybase calls.

>>        I would not permit the software staff I work with
>>        to go ct at all ...

>> --

>>                                                AT&T, I no speak for them.

        Also, as you say, ESQL makes you only somewhat database independant.
        You still have to use sybase specifics such as CS datatypes.
        ESQL also does not execute a stored procedure by making an
        RPC call. It invokes it by a language call.
        Since ESQL code is converted to DBLIB/CTLIB code by the
        preprocessor, debugging it can be painful.
        ESQL also does not allow you to do certain things such as set
        configuration options.

        -Rajesh Gandhi
         Systems Architect
         Merrill {*filter*}

        My own opinions and mine only.

Wed, 16 Jul 1997 02:38:01 GMT
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