need C++ and Oracle Forms contractors 
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 need C++ and Oracle Forms contractors

Hi folks,

I have some up coming possibilities for a client server applications
development team.
We'll need about 3-5 people to start with.
Our project is in its pilot stage currently, but should be ramping
up shortly.

Pending some final political decisions, the needs will either be for
strength in the Visual C++ arena or in Oracle Forms 4.5 or a mix
of the two. Hence there may be a need for some C++ people and some
Oracle Forms.
The C++ people need not have detailed Oracle knowledge if we go this
route, but some relational knowledge would be a plus.
The Oracle people will be expected to have good working knowledge
or Oracle and Forms.

Would anyone interested please feel free to email me a resume.
All things going to plan, kick-off, or at least decisions on the team,
should be in the July time frame.

Prefer good knowledge of client server applications development.

Gary macbeth, Tartan Technology, Inc.

Sun, 22 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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