CTLIB context allocation error 
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 CTLIB context allocation error

We have been "randomly" getting the following error:

[ clip from log file - Informatica ETL tool ]

Thu Nov 02 03:10:12 2000
CMN_1179 Database driver error...CTLIB context allocation error

Thu Nov 02 03:10:12 2000
CMN_1022 Database driver error...
CMN_1022 [
SybaseFunction Name : Connect]

In this example we are attempting to connect to a Sybase

Technical specifics for this example:
Environment:  Win NT, Open Client: /11.1.1/P2 EBF9290/PC
Intel/1/OPT/Fri Sep 29 22:27:08 2000 to Unix, Sybase 11.9.2

Interesting enough - if I restart the job it works like a charm. This
is an issue we have been wrestling with for a while connecting to both
11.5 and 11.9 servers.

We are working with the vendor, but any input or advise to track this
down would be greatly appreciated.


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Tue, 22 Apr 2003 03:34:28 GMT
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