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 Sybase & System Time

Our Test environment normally requires that we set the system date
back to a time that corresponds to the data in the environment.  Typ-
ically, the data used in the test environment is from Production
dumps that are a few months old.  In order for the application to
function correctly, the SQL server must be able to perform getdate()
calls, etc, that return a date that closely matches the dates stored
in the database.

In the past, we have set the system time back to match the data.  While
this works fine for the application, we seem to experience some strange
O/S behaviour that our Systems people say might be related to the time
being set back.  While there is no hard proof that this is the case, we
would like to be able to prove, or disprove, the argument.

Is there some way to set the time of the server process to be other
than the system time?  I had hoped to find a global variable that
would define a delta offset for the server to apply to the system time.

Does anyone else have this type of issue?



Tue, 19 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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