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 Sybase 10 on Solaris for Intell


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   Can anyone tell me if Sybase 10 or any other level has been ported
   and running on Solaris 2.3 or 2.4 on Intell platform (Pentium).
   If it has, any problems, concerns or comments?
   After all it runs fine on Solaris on SPARC and (not so fine)
   on Pentium with WNT.

I tried to chase down an answer for this at the Sybase conference in
May.  My first stop was the Sun booth where I heard: "All Sybase has
to do is simply recompile for the Solaris Intel platform.  Ask them
why they haven't done it yet."  So, I make my way over to the Sybase
booth and ask, where I hear something like: "We really don't have any
plans to do this any time soon.  Solaris for Intel says that it can
run SCO binaries but Solaris has trouble doing that right now.
Otherwise, you could run a SCO SQLServer binary on Solaris Intel.  Go
ask Sun when this will be working."

I didn't -- not interested in running SCO binaries on Solaris.  Sybase
also indicated that, as far as Intel Unixes go, they plan on
supporting SCO and UnixWare.  Graciously, Sybase has also recently
provided client libs for Linux without cost or support.  I went with
this -- so far so good.  I connect to SQLServers on Solaris, ATT,
RS6000 and NT with no problems.
| Andy Pardue
| Lewis Medical Informatics


Mon, 02 Mar 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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