Converting Image fields to char - How do you do it?????? 
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 Converting Image fields to char - How do you do it??????

We recently purchased some software that stores its data in Sybase.  We
were asked by the user community to periodically dump the data so they
could use it in other systems.  We developed stored procedures that uses
cursors  to process the data because the data structure is more
hierarchical than relational.  Okay to this point, piece of cake.  

As we were writing the procedures we noticed that they were using an image
field to store text.  But how the heck do you convert an image field to
character.  Using readtext we only see the hex not any character data.
Some of the text in this column is up to 1000 bytes long.  

We placed a call to their developers to ask how their software could
convert the data from image to text but all they would say was that it was
a 3GL function that converted the data.

No matter what string function I use all I can see is hex.  If any of you
have experience in this kind of conversion or know of anyway to convert
this data out to character fields please let me know.  Thanks in
Tom Baker
Corporate Database Administrator (Sybase System 10)
Harris Publishing

The definition of Insanity is:
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Tue, 07 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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