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 Sybase Call for papers

                        ***    CALL FOR PAPERS   ***
                               * S Y B A S E *
               International User Meeting & Training Conference
                              April 17-21, 1994
                                San Jose, CA

The Sybase International User Group is now accepting abstracts for
the 1994 International Sybase User Meeting & Training Conference.
YOUR PARTICIPATION is what makes the conference better each year.

You can participate by making a presentation at the conference.  This
provides you with the opportunity to share ideas, techniques, and
applications development expertise with fellow Sybase users.  If your
presentation is selected you will be eligible for a discounted rate to
attend the conference.  Presentations last one hour and must fit in
one of the following six tracks:

                     * Database Administration Issues
                     * Application Development Issues
                     * Interoperability Issues
                     * Management Issues
                     * Tools Strategy Issues
                     * Sybase Internals

The attached form must be returned by September 20, 1993 in order to be
evaluated by the User Group Conference Committee.  You will be notified
by November 22, 1993 whether your presentation has been selected.  Final
presentation materials will be due at the end of February 1994.


Al Huntley
Sybase International User Group


    The 1994 Sybase International User Meeting & Training Conference
                     Participant Application Form

Name:          ____________________________________________________
Title:         ____________________________________________________
Organization:  ____________________________________________________
Address:       ____________________________________________________
City:          ___________________  State:  ______  Zip:  _________
Phone Number:  ____________________________________________________

Title:         ____________________________________________________

Category (please indicate the most appropriate area to which your
          topic relates):

   Database Administration     Application Development    Tools Strategy
   Interoperability            Management Issues          Internals

Abstract (Please prepare a 100 word concise, clear description of the
content of your topic.  Describe your topic, key points you will cover,
and the conclusions or generalizations to be drawn.  Please attach a
separate sheet if necessary).

Complete and mail this form to:
               Sybase User Conference Selection Committee
               6475 Christie Avenue
               Emeryville, CA  94608
               Attn:  Elizabeth Pinkham

OR email this form to:

Tue, 26 Dec 1995 02:42:56 GMT
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