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I've released a new version of Sybtcl, my Tcl interface to Sybase.  It should
be available at the Tcl archive site in a few days:

PLEASE NOTE that my email address has changed.  It's now:

>From the CHANGES file:


Version 2.2, October 1994

     change sybtcl.c - now allows real numeric nulls ("") to be returned,
     "default" is now used to set previous behavior (potential incompatibility).
     can format date columns to a specific format.  clean up remainder of
     external function names.

     update man page.

     minor changes to wisqlite: include command ring buffer from Oratcl's wosql;
     set null value dialog.

     change make/install procedure to use autoconf.  

     De Clarke's latest UCO Wisql included.


>From the README file:

Sybtcl -  Tcl interface to Sybase database server

 * Copyright 1992 Tom Poindexter and U S WEST Enhanced Services, Inc.
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
 * documentation for any purpose and without fee is hereby granted, provided
 * that the above copyright notice appear in all copies.  
 * Tom Poindexter and U S WEST make no representations about the suitability
 * of this software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is" without express or
 * implied warranty.  By use of this software the user agrees to
 * indemnify and hold harmless Tom Poindexter and U S WEST from any
 * claims or liability for loss arising out of such use.
 * Version 1.0 June, 1992
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 1.1 August, 1992
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 1.2 October, 1992
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 1.3 May, 1993
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 2.0 November, 1993
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 2.1 February, 1994
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 2.11 April, 1994
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado

 * Version 2.2 October, 1994
 * Tom Poindexter, Denver Colorado



Sybtcl is an extension to Tool Command Language (Tcl) that provides access
to a Sybase Database server.  Sybtcl adds additional Tcl commands that
login to a SQL Server, pass SQL code, read results, etc.  Sybtcl was inspired
by similar tools written for Perl (sybperl, oraperl) but was written from
scratch instead of borrowing on the work of either Perl extension.

Sybtcl features:
  -supports multiple connections to the same or different SQL Servers
  -provides "nextrow" processing for regular and compute return rows
  -converts results to strings and returns rows as Tcl lists
  -allows user defined null values to be returned
  -stored procedures can be executed and return values accessed
  -accesses column names, lengths, and datatypes of rows & return values
  -provides feedback of SQL Server and DB-Lib messages
  -reads/writes text or image datatypes to files

Sybtcl does not:
  -perform row buffering or browse mode
  -bulk copies
  -support two phase commit on multiple servers


            wonderful software in my opinion.

            more good stuff.

            the inspiration to write Sybtcl.  

            ("I tried Perl, but never inhaled." - Tom Poindexter)


Since Sybtcl is an extension to Tcl, you should already have Tcl, or be
prepared to get it via Ftp [sites listed below].

Of course, you must also have access to a Sybase Databaser Server.  
Additionally, you must have the Sybase Open Client (aka "DB-Library") package
that provides header files and object libraries;  Sybtcl must be linked
with libsybdb.a.

I normally build Sybtcl with Tcl, Extended Tcl, and the X11 Tk widget set
yielding tcl and wishx interpreters.  Sybtcl is written with no dependencies
other than Tcl, so it should be possible to link it with the the minimal Tcl
library.  (Although Sybtcl uses "handles", I didn't rely on the handle
functions provided by Extended Tcl.)

The specific software versions I used:

        Tcl - 7.3   
        Tk  - 3.6   
                              also avaible at

        Extended Tcl - 7.3b

        Sybase Open Client - 4.6    $$$    from Sybase
        Sybase SQL Server - 4.8 SMP $$$$$$ from Sybase

>>>>>>>    I've put sybtcl-2.2.tar.gz on as well

        in /tcl/extensions/sybtcl-2.2.tar.gz

        see the newsgroup comp.lang.tcl for general Tcl discussion and
        the Tcl Frequently Asked Questions.

I've built Sybtcl in Sequent PTX 1.3 (System V 3.2) and
SunOS 4.1.2 (BSD) environments.

Other users have reported successful compiles on:

Sun Solaris 2.3

(mail to me on a successful port on other platforms; I'll add to this list)


Some samples are included using the Extended Tcl tcl(1) and wishx(1)
interpreters.    In particular, the "wisqlite" (Windowing ISQL) program
is a handy replacement for Sybase's Isql in an X11 environment.

Also, De Clarke's enhanced wisql is included in ./samples/uco/*.  A very
nice query tool to give to users who haven't learned SQL.

See ./samples/README.samples plus each file's comments and code.


You're in luck! I've written one.


Comments, suggestions,, should be mailed to me at the above email
address, or posted to comp.lang.tcl if general enough nature.  
Hell, you can even mail to me if you like Sybtcl!

Please always include:
        -version of Sybtcl
        -version of Tcl, Tk, and TclX
        -version of Sybase server and DB-Libary
        -version of your operating system
        -compiler used, stock cc or Gcc
        -samples of SQL or Sybtcl code causing problems
        -relevant database table definitions, views, procedures


See the file INSTALL.  GNU Autoconf is used to build the Makefile.
Old makefiles are in ./oldmake, in case you have any problems with


See the file CHANGES for changes in versions of Sybtcl.



Wed, 23 Apr 1997 07:05:40 GMT
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