Help in Selection of a Data Access & Development Tool 
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 Help in Selection of a Data Access & Development Tool

My group is cuurently in the process of selecting a PC based GUI toolkit that
would aid us in the developing a User Interface. The GUI builder we are
looking for should be able to access a variety of relational databases
and should support various PC network environments.

In particular we need to support all (or most of) the environments below:

Operating Systems : Windows, OS/2

DBMS : Sybase, Oracle, Ingres, RDB, Paradox

Lan Environment:  Novell, Banyan Vines, Pathworks, Lan Manager

Some of the packages we have looked into are Visual Basic, PowerBuilder,
Uniface. If you have any information/experience with other GUI builders
that may be appropriate for us please let us know. We would especially
appreciate any info/criticsm on SQLWindows (Gupta Technologies), Q&E,
Borland C++ or any other similar packages.

The information we need for a GUI builder that you may be familiar with

1) The environments it supports (LANware, OS, DBMS)

2) Access to Middleware (ODBC, ....)

3) 4GL support

4) Any Ad-hoc query facility and report generation

I would appreciate a timely response. Thanks in advance.


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Tue, 08 Aug 1995 00:38:11 GMT
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