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 The Client-Server Workshop The Client-Server Workshop DZAQM0B

The Client-Server Workshop
Washington, DC. September 20-22, 1994
Santa Clara, November 8-10,1994

Go Back to the Office with a Plan!

DCI would like to invite you to attend this explosive
workshop which promises to deliver the latest, most
up-to-date information on the industry's hottest tools!  

No other conference focuses on tool specific
information like the Client-Server Workshop.  After
attending this event, you will return to your office
armed with:

- a short target list of tools that are right for your
organization complete with detailed product

- a blueprint for how to move from where you are
today, be it a host computer environment or trying to
integrate multiple low-end applications, to
successfully deploying true client-server technology.

- an action plan for the next steps to take when you
get back to your office.

Just a few of the experts and Topics at the Client-
Server Workshop:

Chairman Addresses:

- Herb Edelstein, Principal, Euclid Associates -
Varieties of Client-Server Architectures
- Christine Comaford, President, Corporate
Computing - Effective GUI Design

Keynote Sessions:

- Pieter Mimno, President, Technology Insight, Inc. -
What to Do When You Hit a Brick Wall

- Rich Finkelstein, President, Performance Computing
Inc. - Selecting a Database Server That is Right for

- Jeff Tash, President, Database Decisions - Client-
Server Industry Roadmap

Other Sessions You Do Not Want to Miss:

- Bill Reynolds, President, Austin Software Foundry
on Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and
Implementation using PowerBuilder

- Steve Montgomery, President, Montgomery and
Associates, Inc. on Client-Server Mistakes to Avoid

- Christine Comaford, President, Corporate
Computing, Inc. on Techniques for Rapid Application
Development of GUI Client-Server Projects

- Eric Schurr, Director of Product Marketing, SQA on
RAD/QA:  Automating the Testing of GUI Client-
Server Applications in a RAD Environment

Executives from the leading tool companies will also
provide you with detailed product information as well
as where their companies and the market are

The Tool Developers and Tools You Will See

- Workshop Labs - Classroom style demonstrations of
the tools in action.  You will have dedicated time to
ask all the questions you can think of!
- Dy{*filter*} Technologies - DY{*filter*}
- Gupta Corporation - SQL Windows 5.0
- Interactive Development Environments/Software
through Pictures - StP/OMT, StP/IM, StP/SE
- KnowledgeWare, Inc. - ObjectView
- Powersoft Corporation - PowerBuilder
- Uniface Corporation - UNIFACE
- Unify Corporation - Unify VISION
- Symantec - Enterprise Developer
- Trinzic - ObjectPro

We will send this brochure via USMail, so be sure to
include your conventional mailing address.

For your copy of our 16 page brochure, with
information on registration, please respond to our
Compuserve Account Number:  

or fax 508-470-1992.  Use the priority code
DZAQM0B in your subject line for best service.  
Pass this message along to your colleagues and let them know they do not want
to miss this unique event!

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