Cannot drop table 
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 Cannot drop table

Using SQL Server 10.0.2 in AIX 3.2.5.

Changes on a table "a_tbl" required the table to be dropped and recreated
in "a_db".  The table was being referenced by "b_tbl"  
from "b_db" through a declarative referential integrity foreign
key constraint "fk_1".  

The batch script created to do the table change by the "sa" had:

step 1      use a_db

step 2      alter table b_db..b_tbl drop constraint fk_1

step 3      drop table a_tbl

<other steps>

Step 3 above would not succeed even though "a_tbl" did not have any foreign
reference on the primary key after step 2.  By the
way, step 1 should have been "use b_db" and there should have been "use
a_db" before step 3.  But step 2 will still work ok as shown above.

Even if the steps above are performed again with step 1 corrected to point
to "b_db" the corruption on sysrefererences due to the initial operation
would not let the "a_tbl" to be dropped anymore.

Has anyone encountered this before ?

There are several ways to fix the problem after this corruption.

Fri, 10 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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