dbsetmaxprocs() not working ? 
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 dbsetmaxprocs() not working ?


I'm writting a multi-thread Win NT app.
Each thread is connecting to a Sybase SQL Server, with the help of the

The version of the Sybase SQL Server is:
SQL Server/ Intel/Windows NT 3.5/EBF 6722/OPT/Thu Oct 24
1996 19:59:07.06

and the client part matches the server version

I have read that the default dbproc limit is 25, and that this limit
can be changed with the dbsetmaxprocs API.

I have tried that, but the 26th thread still can't create a new
Is someone aware of a problem with dbsetmaxprocs(), or is there a
workaround to increase the number of simultaneous dbproc in the same
process ?

Thanks in advance for any help

Sun, 27 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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