Arcserve dbagent connection problem with named pipes on NT4sp6 
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 Arcserve dbagent connection problem with named pipes on NT4sp6
We are getting the following error in our ASE12.0 backupserver logs
when ArcServe(NT) tries to connect to out NT sybase box;

Archive API error for
'pipedev::\\.\pipe\dbasyb\dbagent0s0'. Library path is
'c:\sybase\ASE-12_0\lib\libpipedev.DLL'. LoadLibrary() returned:
Code=126, Message=The specified module could not be found

I cannot find this missing dll (libpipedev.DLL) anywhere on the box in
Does anyone know where i can find it?

Thanks, Simon.

Mon, 01 Nov 2004 02:13:27 GMT
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