Memory usage of dataserver question 
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 Memory usage of dataserver question

We have been twiddling the memory given to dataserver (via sp_configure).
Then we look in `top' to see how much memory he is actually using.

When he was given 12M (according to us) he never used more than 8M.
Right now he's been given 30M (according to us)  and we never see him
using more than 10M or so in `top'.  (e.g. in 2k pages, to get him to
use 30M we ask him to use 15000 pages).

Is there a good explanation?  Is this a bug?  Should we "give him" 50M
so as to get him to actually use 30M?

Does memory really turn into better performance?  Oh, this is on a Sun SS2.

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Sun, 31 Mar 1996 13:15:15 GMT
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