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 Sybase access via MSWindows Client


>Does anyone know how the URGENT parameter in the following DSQUERY entry in my WIN.INI
>affects access to my SYBASE server from my MSWindows client? Are there other options
>besides URGENT? Is this documented anywhere?
>/     Rick Mc Clenthen          \


I'm not sure where it is documented (if at all) but the URGENT
parameter gives the Sybase DB-Library the ability to pass "out of
band" data (dbcancel) to the server.  The main reason you would want
to enable this feature is to be able to abort a query once it's been

We found (quite a while ago) that with using Microsoft Access going
through Microsoft ODBC to Sybase DB-Lib (ver??) to a Sybase server, we
could not abort a query using <CTRL><BREAK>.  Now I believe the
specifics were in that in the Native implementations of IPX/SPX out of
band data wasn't supported.  By adding the 'URGENT' parameter to the
end of the entry in Win.ini as you've done above solved the problem.

I don't know of any side-effects to always having that option

This is no longer a problem if your app uses CT-Lib.

Wayne Westlake
SQL Professionals
South Africa

Mon, 10 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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