sybload problems [help] 
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 sybload problems [help]

Hi, I've posted this problem before, and although I received many
suggestions (thank you), unfortunately none of them have worked.
So in despair, I'm posting again, in hopes of some solution or

I am trying to upgrade a Sybase server 4.9.2 to 10.0.0, on a
Sparc 10 running Solaris 2.4.  When I run sybload, and give it
a tape device, it complains that it's not a valid non-rewinding
tape device.  Referring to the old logs of installing 4.9.2,
I gave sybload the same device that had been used before, and
it still complained.  Actually, though, 4.9.2 was installed
*before* I upgraded to Solaris 2.4 (it was running 2.3).
I've even tried using EVERY device under the /dev/rmt directory,
and all have failed.  It's probably not a hardware problem, since
other workstations are able to access the tape drive for other tasks.



Steven Jong Tae Kim
Computer Science Department, UCLA

http://www.***.com/ ~kim

Sat, 18 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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