job offered in illinois--tier 3 database support 
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 job offered in illinois--tier 3 database support

A newly sprouted communication company in Naperville (40 minutes West of
Chicago by car) is looking for several bright and communicative folks to
help "person" the tier 3 support of their proprietary database.
Troubleshooting software problems to the functional level, resolving
non-design issues, and interfacing with the design team to feed back
problems and either develop or recommend development solutions is the gist
of the job.

If you have 2 yrs. experience with switching technology, have some
knowledge of C, and have some support experience with a BS in EE or CS,
you are the perfect candidate.  If you're not the perfect candidate (who
is?), but you're still interested, send me your resume anyway--it may work
out for the best.

The salary is 45-50ish per year, depending on all that stuff.


Sun, 22 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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