Sybperl Bulkcopy Program Problem 
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 Sybperl Bulkcopy Program Problem

New to the world of Sybase & Sybperl, I am attempting to
automate the population of Sybase tables with the bcp_
bulkcopy routines in the following way:
1) set up sybperl bulkcopy (bcp_init, bcp_meminit)
2) read ascii data into Perl variables
3) OTHER STUFF (do lookups & updates on existing Sybase tables
   depending on the values of key fields in the ascii data)
4) set up output record & bulkcopy manipulated ascii data to
   one main Sybase table.
I appear to be running into problems doing 3) having done 1) above.
For example, I appear to be able to do 1), 2) & 4) together, and
2) & 3) together, but not 1), 2), 3) & 4) together as I desire.  Am
I missing something?  I am changing strategy to using sql calls to
do "inserts" rather than bulkcopy, or write 2 programs -- the first
to do the fancy stuff & the second to bulkcopy.
Any advice (particularly if accompanied by pointers to complete
programming examples of bulkcopy including methods to sidestep
pesky "logging") would be most welcome.
Rob Pates

Mon, 23 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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