I need a creative solution to an SQL problem. 
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 I need a creative solution to an SQL problem.

I have an application on hand that processes
files coming from a telephone exchange.  The
approximate file size is about  500,000 rows.
I load the file into a table, I then generate a
temporary table that sums up the calls per unique
telephone number.  I then have to update the up-to-date
table which indicates how much each telephone number
ows up to this processed file.  I porcess about 15 files
a day.  The update is simple:

        update amount = amount + new_amount.

The challenge is that I cannot chunk the transaction. It
all has to be done as one single transaction.  If I chunk
the logic, one telephone number can be updated twice.
The logic works in such a way that if there is any error,
it rollsback and continues with the next file. It comes
back to the failed file after there are no more files to process.  
I do not want to run into filling up the log file.  This is why I'm
looking for a way to chunk.

I am not using Sybase.  However, I like the talent on this
newsgroup since I've gotten a few good ideas from it in
the past.

Nabil Courdy
Senior DBA

Thu, 09 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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