Sybase 11 back to Sybase 10 
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 Sybase 11 back to Sybase 10


> Anybody have any ideas on going from System11 to System10?  We have
> multiple sites at version 10 that need to be upgraded to version 11.
> We are trying to train people on our development system on how to
> do the upgrade; problem is the development system is already at
> version 11.

> System dumps wont restore the databases because they are raw partitions.

> Any ideas????

        Your approach is slightly wrong. If its upgrade practice
        you want, then create a System 10 database in your development
        area (either a new one or one thats identical to an existing
        System 10 one - then dump the production version and load it
        into the development version). You can practive your upgrades
        on this as often as you like. Just keep all the scripts you
        used for creating the System 10 version and rerun them every
        time you want to restart.


Wed, 26 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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