SYBASE 10 Memory usage compare with 4.0.1 
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 SYBASE 10 Memory usage compare with 4.0.1

We are migrating to SYBASE SYS10 very shortly from 4.0.1 SYBASE servers.

I'm interested primarily with how SYBASE SYS10 handles increase in memory
as oppose to 4.0.1 or any 4.x version of SYBASE.  We have a database of
about 350-400 concurrently users, 10,000 transaction a day.  Our current
version of SYBASE doesn't seem to benefit from increases in memory.  we have
96 megs allocated for the server and when we bumped it up to 256MEG, the
entire machine froze and the server became useless.

Do you have any suggestions on how much memory to allocate for the SYBASE10
server or how do we find that right number?

If you have specifics about servers running on the SGI platform, that would
be even better.

    Tony "Might be getting a life" Tam :-]


Sun, 06 Apr 1997 06:55:21 GMT
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