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 You know ?

According to  ENTITY-RELATION MODEL in a data-base, i have to find out the
good diagram for this model. It's about a school who wants to keep track
of its courses and the results of its students. From that data-base, it's
suppose to be possible to create, on each session, the schedule of the
students. These schedules must contain ;

                         -the code of the course
                         -the title of the  course
                         -the group number
                         -the theacher's name of the group-course
                         -the day and hour of that group-course
                         -the local of this group-course

I think that i have the solution but i want to be sure "'cause you know
sometimes words have two meanigs !", and to take other advices. Here is
what i think it should be; (I could't draw it 'cause last time i tried it
my caracters were flying around anywhere on the screen)

My solution is;

A first entity named "Students" with complements : student's code (Key),
name, address and tel. The second entity is "Courses"  with complements :
group number (Key), code of the course, title of the course and the day
and hour of the course. The third entity is "Teachers" with complements :
teacher's name (Key) (supposing that no teacher has the same name),
qualifications and the teacher's office.

Between the entities "Students" and "Courses", i made the RELATION
"Enrolment" with complements : student's code, code of the course, date
and price of the course. Between the entities "Courses" and "Teachers", i
made the RELATION "Schedule" with complements : Name of the teacher , Code
of the course, Local of the course and the group number.

Am I right ?
Thanks for helping.


Thu, 09 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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