about tech support: my reply to a private letter 
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 about tech support: my reply to a private letter

i am sharing a private message i've had regarding tech support
with the readers of this group because i feel it concerns
all persons; i've tried to keep the identity of the correspondent


:instead of going point by point, let me restate some of the
:points made on the net:
:there is a perception that the telephone people really do not
:want to help.
:there is a perception that engineers rarely call back with
:satisfying information.
:there is a perception that sybase customers are not well
:thought of by sybase employees and that many employees would
:rather not have customers.
:there is a perception that sybase management doesn't know
:or doesn't care that customers have these perceptions.
:this is not my opinion only or the opinion of my company but
:a broad opinion found among customers on the net and through
:user groups.
:>In fact, with our new customer survey's
:>going to all case contacts for each and every case closed, at the risk
:>of hearing the bad news, we will let our customers do the talking.
:because sybase charges so much for the privilege of being the
:case contact,
:there are many people who use sybase, and have opinions that
:won't be captured on these surveys.
:until sybase understands the issues it can't effectively
:deal with them.


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Sat, 05 Aug 1995 23:54:16 GMT
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