Backing up raw Sybase partitions under Solaris 2.3 
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 Backing up raw Sybase partitions under Solaris 2.3

Hi all,
        Please forgive me if this is a FAQ or stupid question, but I'm
short on time and haven't been able to find a FAQ for this group.  Hell,
with my luck this is in the docs (which I don't have at my site).  
Anyway, we have a bunch of machines that we are testing a large custom
application that involves raw Sybase partitions under Solaris 2.3.
I usually use cpio to make backups of the system, but since the Sybase
partitions are not mounted filesystems, I don't think that would work.\

        The master systems are kept at a different site, and they
occasionally send us a set of install tapes.  To upgrade to the latest release
of the app, we have to do a complete reinstall, OS and everything.  I'm
trying to find a shortcut by just making a backup of all the filesystems,
and the Sybase partitions.  Ah, the joys of beta-testing!

        Geez, this really feels like something obvious, but I don't have
any other means of finding this out in time.  Can someone please take pity
on me and bail my {*filter*}out of this situation?  How do *you* backup your
Sybase partitions?

Please reply via email.




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Sun, 02 Feb 1997 13:04:53 GMT
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