The right price of Sybase 
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 The right price of Sybase

We are choosing our first relational database manager and have found that
for its openess, speed, and client-server architecture Sybase is our best
choice. When we asked for a price quotation to our official dealer here in
Ecuador we were told that the price was US$ 30.040 FOR the SQL Server v 4.2
for an Intel 80486 processor running SCO Unix 3.2.4 for 32 concurrent users,
We are talking about the DB engine alone here. Is this the right price?
could such a good product have such a bad price?

We will appreciate any comments and help because we would really like to use
Sybase (given a reasonable price).

Thanks in advance.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs             and not those of the Ministry.
Quito, Ecuador - Southamerica

Wed, 27 Dec 1995 10:34:15 GMT
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