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 Help with ODBC

        I initially posted this question on the Access site. Unfortunately, nobody
answeres. Looks like nobody experienced the same problem. May by you,

        In my attempts to upsize a very complicated Access 97 application I
finished with Sybase 11 for Netware. I have created 3 databases, each
consists from 1 table. Each table from 3-4,000,000 records. I have also
created stored procedures which are using 1 parameter . I also rewrote this
part of Access application where I am retrieving teh information from
Sybase. And here I got a problem!
I 've tried both techiques: Pass-thru query and ODBCDirect to activate
stored procedure and feed it with a parameter. I finished up with no
difference in performance. In both cases it takes approximately 8-11
seconds ( depends on amount of retrieved information, which is 18-55
records ). I don't care that in ODBCDirect opening connection takes 11
sec., I can run it async. But retrieveing populating the set of local
tables and if 3 tables retrieval takes 30-40 sec!!!! , it's unappropriate!
        Any suggestions??? I need it at no more then 0.5 sec ( better less )

Sat, 26 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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