Huge speed improvement on HP-UX 
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 Huge speed improvement on HP-UX

I got to know of an (as I can see) undocumented option, -T1610, to the
dataserver from our distributor.  I haven't found anything about it by
RTFM, but the log tells it enables TCP_NODELAY, see tcp(7).

When the dataserver was started with this option the runtime (wall
clock, not CPU time) for a report in our database application dropped
from about 20 hours to around 2!!  This was on an HP 9000/755 running
HP-UX 9.01 with sybase version 4.9.1.  Using this option on a decstation
with ultrix 4.2A and sybase 4.2, or a Dolphin M88100 running UNIX System
V/88 Release 3.2 Version 3.6/5.88 and sybase version 4.8.1 doesn't seem
to improve things at all, although we haven't tested it very well on
those systems.

Have anyone else tried this option and seen any similar improvement?
Btw, both the application and the database was run on the same machine,
I don't know what impact that might make.

Now my 5$ question, are there any other options or magic we should know
about?  IMHO the documentation on performance tuning is lousy,
especially I'd like more about how to find and remove the bottlenecks.
Sybase, are you listening?

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Tue, 26 Dec 1995 18:00:01 GMT
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