Help: source of CS-Library error 2/4/1/54 -cs_convert...The non-map replacemen 
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 Help: source of CS-Library error 2/4/1/54 -cs_convert...The non-map replacemen

Does anyone know the source of this error message:

"CS-Library error 2/4/1/54 - cs_convert: cs_lib user api layer: common
library error:
Warning: The non-map replacement character is used in the destination
because some
characters can not be converted."

Background: this message is produced by an NT 3.5 box running a Open
Server Server that
is handling registered procedure requests.  The request is coming from a
486 running a Open Server Client as a dll, using delphi 2 ( and windows
3.11) as a front end.

Any idea's??

Thanks in advance for any input...

Mike Saouda

Mon, 10 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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