Sybase db calls in multi-threaded environment 
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 Sybase db calls in multi-threaded environment


> 3) We tried adding mutex locks before the sybase function ct_results
> and unlocked after the same (In pre compiled embedded sql c code).
> Under this circumstance the above mentioned threads worked fine .
> (ct_results is a library function provided by sybase). But this doesn't
> meet our requirement since this serialises the db calls.
> sybase server           :SQL server R11
> sybase c pre compiler   :ESQL/c PreCompiler/10.09/p/SUN-svr4/SPARC
>                          Solaris 2.3/1/
> ct_library              :CS_VERSION_100
> Threads library         :POSIX , Solaris UI
> Operating system        :Sun solaris 2.5
> Hardware                :Sun (ultra sparc) Workstation.

You need CT-Lib 11.1 or later which has facilities for Thread-safety.
Your solution 3) is the only workable method in prior versions.  The
behavior you describe about only being able to make connections from
the main thread has been observed by many, with both CT- and DB-Lib.

                        -=- D. J.

Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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