Problem with writing backup utility (in Sybperl) 
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 Problem with writing backup utility (in Sybperl)

Hi all,

I am writing a "friendly" utility in Sybperl that will guide user
step by step backing up a database.  

With databases that only require one tape to back up completely there
are no problem.  I'd just issue the commands through &dbcmd and
&dbsqlexec and when it's done my msg_handler will receive a message
with $msg == 602801 and then I regex-parse $text for the dumpfile
name and section number.

However when the database requires multiple tapes to back it up then I
run into problem.  Normally when backing up using isql and the tape is
full, isql would say "oh this tape is full so insert another" and also
"by the way the session id is 13 so use it in the next sp_volchanged
command".  However within Sybperl script I don't seem to be able to
intercept those messages.  I would get the message saying "this tape
is done" and nothing else (same as in the previous paragraph).  What I
really need is intercept some message that will tell me whether the
backup is done or the tape is full and I need to tell the user to
insert another.

I would be grateful if someone can show me a way, be it clean or
kludge, to do that, or even just point me to the right document
to read.  If I can get it to work I'd promise to post solutions to
the Net.


Sun, 02 Feb 1997 10:18:52 GMT
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