Making test copy of Sybase Server 4.2 
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 Making test copy of Sybase Server 4.2

We are getting ready to move our Sybase 4.2 server from one server to
another.  The two are physically identical just in different locations
in the building.  We made a hardware backup of the old server and loaded
it onto the new server.  We would like to test the new one for a few
days before cutting over to it.  How do we rename the server so that we
can have both (new and old) up at the same time.  We already changed the
INTERFACES file, but it still doesn't come up.  (Our DBA quit and we are
now fumbling thru this on our own.)

Thanks in advance.
         \\\\|////             Mark H. Nichols


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Fri, 17 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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