Dataline Releases Rapid e-Business Development System: net.db 2.0 
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 Dataline Releases Rapid e-Business Development System: net.db 2.0

Dataline Releases Rapid e-Business Development System: net.db 2.0

03 August 2000 - Dataline Software Ltd, the UK based client/server
development specialist, announces the immediate availability of net.db
2.0. - a browser-based, Rapid e-Business Development system that lets
end-users and database developers web-enable SQL databases securely and

net.db provides a point-and-click, SQL-to-HTML and code-free means of
bringing corporate data to a web site.  Using net.db, an author can
deliver live information such as contact records, product catalogues,
sales, diaries or order entry systems, from SQL databases (like Access,
SQLServer, SQLBase, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, Pervasive) to suppliers,
customers and employees.  net.db allows authors to create and edit web
sites anywhere, on any platform, quickly, easily, and without SQL or web
programming skills.  It transforms a static site into a variety of
dynamic web pages that let users access, display, update and store
data.  The data can be viewed as interactive graphs, charts and other

E-commerce site development
net.db 2.0 can also be used to develop complex data-aware, web
applications such as B2B or B2C e-commerce sites. This is achieved by
integrating COM objects that implement business logic into web pages.
One advantage of using COM is that business logic code can be written in
any of the popular languages that support it, including VB, Centura Team
Developer, Delphi, C++, and J++ - using the rich API of the net.db
development environment.  Another benefit is the ease of code

Fast implementation, ease of use and security
In less than half a day net.db can be fully operational and you can have
a fully functional, data-driven web site deployed. This is because the
web pages for database tables are created automatically using net.db's
intelligent wizards and the powerful, wizard-driven Page Designer can
pick a trail intuitively through the most complex databases.  The
product includes an embedded graphing engine so users can drill down
through hot graphs to detail pages as well as generating statistical
graphs and charts using wizards.  Database security, authentication and
authorisation are automatically passed through to every browser
accessing a net.db web site.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
As net.db is designed for the universal thin client, there are no
resource hungry web browser plug-ins, no costly MIS resources, nor any
other expensive surprises waiting around the corner.  It makes it both
easy and possible for any organisation to leverage its current database
and web site infrastructures with exceptionally low administration,
maintenance, training and support costs.  net.db retains database-level
access security to provide a cross-platform, thin client front end for
both design-time and runtime environments.

Reference web sites
There are a number of web sites that illustrate net.db in use.  They can
be found through http://www.***.com/ the net.db community web
site.  All of these are real, operational sites.

Trial Software
Evaluation versions of net.db 2.0 can be downloaded free-of-charge from

About Dataline Software Limited -
Dataline has been delivering information technology solutions to
businesses of all sizes for nearly 20 years, and specialises in the
areas of SQL database and network technologies.  The company provides
consultancy, training, system implementation, application development
and technical support.  Its clients include the BBC, Plasmon, Siemens,
Pfizer and Merrill {*filter*}.  The Head Office is in Brighton.

For more information, please contact:

Telephone +44 (0)1273 324939


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