sybase access from very remote location 
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 sybase access from very remote location

I am attempting to access a sybase server (4.9.1/EBF 1594 on Sparc with SunOS
4.1.3) from a location connected via a switched 56K satellite link. I have
observed the following:

- If a login to sybase from the remote site is attempted an sa process like:
     7 sleeping     sa                      0   master     AWAITING COMMAND
  is started.

- If you break out of your sybase login attempt before it times out, sybase
  seems to be OK, althought the sa process never goes away.

- If you let the login attempt go until it times out, sybase goes wild; it
  starts using 93% of the CPU, will not permit any new logins, and any
  existing logins cannot issue commands. At this point you must kill and
  restart the server.

Note that I can successfully access the server from other remote sites that
are connected via a switched 56K copper link. Could the delays assocated
with a satellite link be causing this? What can I do?

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Sun, 08 Sep 1996 02:08:33 GMT
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