SQL Bridger problem? 
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 SQL Bridger problem?

        I'm running into some problems when communicating between the DOS and
UNIX environments using Microsoft SQL Bridge.  There are two related problems
that I have encountered.

        First, we have a C program in Microsoft Windows that accesses our Sybase
SQL Server (info below) through Microsoft SQL Bridge. (Namedpipes in one end and
TCP/IP out the other and vice-versa)  Occasionally, the C program will lose its
connection to the Sybase SQL Server.  The connection is lost when sending
SQL statements to and reading data from the database.  The connection is not lost
consistently, although it tends to coincide with heavy network traffic.  

        I also have problems communicating from the UNIX to DOS environments.
When I log into the Microsoft SQL Server using isql on ULTRIX, I get intermittent
problems, almost always resulting in the error

                        Msg 1622, Level 18, State 1:
                        Type '?' not implemented.

where ? is a character that changes with each message.

        Despite this error, the commands are often executed, but not always.
Occasionally, I also get an EOF from SQL Sever, and have to reboot the bridge.

        Both of these problems occur only when talking across the SQL Bridge,
leading me to believe that this is the source of the problem.  

        Is this a FAQ?
        Does anyone have suggestions as to what might be the problem?
        Are there any alternatives to SQL Bridge fro communicating between DOS
and UNIX?

Server (v4.2) running on DEC ULTRIX (v4.2a).  Our DOS clients are 486 clones
running NETBEUI and residing on a LANMAN network.  

Equipment       SYBASE SQL Server (v4.2) running on DEC ULTRIX (v4.2a)
                Microsoft SQL Sever (v4.2) running on 486 clone
                Microsoft Windows and NETBEUI running on 486 clone
                Microsoft SQL Bridge running on 486 clone

Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:39 GMT
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