VB 4.0 RDO and SimbaExpress Problem 
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 VB 4.0 RDO and SimbaExpress Problem

Anyone out there using VB 4.0 RDO 1.0 with SimbaExpress ODBC Driver to
SQL Server 11.0.2?

We are experiencing problems getting resultsets from our stored

This is what we have:

Visual Basic 4.0
RDO 1.0
Sybase SQL Server 11.0.2
Intersolv's ODBC 3.0 (shipped with SQL Server 11.0.2)
SimbaExpress Server and Client ODBC installed
Sybase patch installed (required with the Simba ODBC)

Here is my connection statement:

Set ds.cnMe = rdoEnvironments(0).OpenConnection("",
rdDriverNoPrompt,False, "DSN=pancdc;UID=cdcadmi;PWD=***; ;")
rdoEnvironments(0).CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc

Below is part of the code I'm executing:

    If Not rdo_PrepState(ds:=ds, _
        sSPNameToExecute:=sSPNameToExecute, _
        vParametersToPass:=vParameters) Then GoTo RDO_OpenResultSetEH
   ' rdo_PrepState creates the statement that is executed by RDO.  The
format for this stored procedure being executed is
   ' { ? = call UsuarioLoginConsultar (?) }.  This stored procedure
accepts 1 parameter.  Once the sql statement is composed
   ' it is stored in the variable "sSQL" and a prepared statement is
created.  Here is a snippet of the code:

    ' Set PrepState = ds.cnMe.CreatePreparedStatement(sSPNameToExecute,
    ' PrepState.rdoParameters(0).Direction = rdParamReturnValue
    ' If IsMissing(vParametersToPass) Then
    ' Else
    '     If IsArray(vParametersToPass) Then   ' Assigns values to the
stored procedure parameters
    '         For i = 0 To iParametersCount
    '             PrepState.rdoParameters(i + 1).Value =
    '         Next
    '     End If
    ' End If

   ds.cnMe.rdoPreparedStatements(sSPNameToExecute).RowsetSize = 1 '
Error occurs here

   Set rsTemp = ds.cnMe.OpenResultset(sSPNameToExecute,
rdOpenForwardOnly, rdConcurReadOnly, 0)

The stored procedure seems to execute, but my resultset returns
"empty" all the time.  I tried setting the CursorDriver property to
rdUseIfNeeded and rdUseServer settings but got errors.  Looks like I'm
having cursor problems.

Just for your information also, we have been working with Intersolv's
3.0 with the original configuration and did not experience these
With Intersolv's ODBC we were experiencing other problems which
motivated us
to use Simba's product.


Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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