Script file format ideas 
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 Script file format ideas

In ref to the recent posts about script file formats/techniques - some ideas
that have worked well for me:

        isql command line options -i -o

        Instead of using the shell redirects (<, >) you can use
        the isql command line options (-i input.sql -o output.out).
        This is nice because the "Password:" prompt shows up
        to receive user input.  

        By using the -Ppassword option anyone can run a "ps"
        and secure the password - when doing sa work, this could
        cause a real security risk.

        Another option which makes it easy to maintain many


        isql -Uuser -Sserver <<  EOT

        use database

        You can tweak that by using command line arguments:


        isql -Usa -Sserver << EOT

        use database, and so on....

        Note that the second example (using $1) would also reveal the

Just a couple of ideas...



#define OPINIONS "My own"   * Fannie Mae, Unix Technical Services   *
                            * 3900 Wisconsin Avenue NW              *
main(){for(;;);}            * Washington, DC, USA           20016   */

Wed, 09 Aug 1995 04:21:02 GMT
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