***DBA position open*** 
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 ***DBA position open***

Silicon Graphics Computer Systems' technology is grounded in
visualization,3D, color, sound and multimedia. We offer a compatible
family of systems ranging from inexpensive desktop clients to
multiprocessor database or compute servers.  Silicon Graphics delivers a
fourth-generation symmetric multiprocessing operating system with a
commitment that extends beyond products, to service and support.

We are currently looking for a senior Sybase DBA, the job requirements:

    1. Hands-on experience on all versions of Sybase SQL Server
    products including connectivity products such as DB-Lib,
    CT_Lib and tools.

    A minimum of 3 years of experience, in a production environment

    Kowledge of Replication and Navigation Server, Foreign
    Language Module, OMNI-CONNECT and Web SQL is a big plus.

   2. Knowledge of Performance and Tuning in a complex query

   3. Customer oriented, dedicated and result oriented DBA with
    analytical approach in solving problems.

   4. Well versed with Sybase internal diagnostic tools for
    patching database.

   5. Familiar with Bourne shell, C-shell, Perl and Syb-Perl.

   6. Knowledge of C, C++ or JAM is a plus.

FAX 415-933-1276

Mon, 23 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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