Need ISQL_w for Sybase 11 on Windows 
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 Need ISQL_w for Sybase 11 on Windows

Steve -

>Does anybody know if there is a graphical ISQL tool for
>Sybase 11 on the PC that is free or cheap?  I really
>like MS SQL's ISQL_w - this is a great tool, easy to
>use and intuitive.  Anybody know of anything comparable
>for Sybase 11?

A program called WISQL comes with Sybase.  At least, I was asked if I wanted it
when I installed the client.  It's OK.  But I actually like the design of the
Database Explorer that comes with Delphi better.  It is kind of a combination of
WISQL and SQL Central.  The problem is it works through Borland's BDE.

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Tue, 19 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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