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I don't have the answer to your
question but basically everything which
writes an alarm to the log will call
alarmprog.  It is a handy utility
except that at present it doesn't work
to well.
If alarmprog gets passed a string
longer than a predefined length (512
bytes?) then it will hang your
instance.  {*filter*}.
This is probably fixed in 7.2 or later
versions of 7.13 but i would check for
sure before using it.  Ours is
presently disabled.

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16/August/1996 10:22am >>>
The Administrator's Guide (7.1) states
"When any of the events in a predefined
set occur, OnLine invokes  this
executable" where "this executable"

Is the "predefined set" referring to
figure 33-2?  In other words any event
of a sort listed in that  table will
trigger an event-alarm.  Any other kind
of event will not trigger an

Or is the "predefined set" some sort of
subset or superset of the list in fig.
33-2; where events are  then
categorized into one of those 24 class
ids.  If this is the case, where can I
find the event list?

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