Fw: onbar dbspace level restore problem ... 
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 Fw: onbar dbspace level restore problem ...

Hi Listers,

I'm posting again because, I really hope to get more feedback from other


> We don't have the option of seperating the two systems into it's own
> instance or into it's own database. They will be consolidated into one
> database and one Informix instance. Although they will coexist in the same
> database, the data for GL reside in its own tables, hence, I can seperate
> them to a different dbspace that the Core system. However, it won't make
> sense to do that if I won't be able to restore that dbspace to a point in
> time, earlier that the Core system dbspace and not have to apply the
> logs to synchronize the dbspaces. I'd appreciate some confirmation of the
> onbar dbspace backup and restore concepts that I have described. I'm not
> sure if that is how it actually works. Hopefully some of you have visited
> these crossroads before and might be able to provide some insight on how
> proceeded.
> Some alternatives or workarounds may exist.
> I would appreciate some more comments>
> Thanks,

> Denmark W.

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> > We have been faced with a similar problem.  We have two vendor-supplied
> > applications.  Each stores it data within its own database.
> > However, both databases reside within the same Informix instance.

> > We need the ability to restore one application's data without impacting
> the
> > other application.  So our solution is to move one of the applications
> > to a separate Informix instance.  Will that solution work for you?

> > Another approach is the point-in-time restore to a separate instance.
> > Then you can transfer the affected tables to the original instance using
> > export/import.  Personally, I find this approach too risky.  I would
> rather
> > stick with one set of Informix backup and restore utilities.

> > I do understand that Informix is developing database and table level
> > restore utilities.  After those utilities are released and tested,
> > we may consider another approach.

> > Rick

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> > Subject: onbar dbspace level restore problem ...

> > Hi Listers,

> > Please give me your comments and recommendations on the following
> > problem:
> > We are running IDS 7.30.UC3 on Solaris 7. The banking, client / server
> > application has data in informix tables and in VSAM (MFCobol) files on
> disk.
> > The application which will be integrated is now seperated into two main
> > parts:
> > The Core system and the GL system. The application uses some tasks and
> > processes called the Message Manager, that performs all requests from
> > clients.
> > The problem we have is with deciding what backup and restore strategy to
> use
> > since we need to have a seperate strategy for GL and for the Core
> > The bank runs a batch process each day for the Core system and another
> batch
> > process for the GL system at different times. The GL batch usually runs
> > first.
> > However, when the GL batch is running, transactions are being committed
> > the core system as well.

> > I know I can put all tables related to GL in their own dbspace and use
> onbar
> > to backup the GL dbspace before the GL batch process runs.
> > However, I'm concerned that in the event I have to restore the GL system
> to
> > a point in time , usually to the point before the GL batch process
> started,
> > using the onbar level 0 backup of the GL dbspace, we might not be able
> > restore to that specific point in time because of the following onbar
> > requirement.
> > Onbar requires that all logical logs created after the level 0 dbspace
> > backup must be applied before the dbspace is synchronized with the other
> > dbspaces.
> > This is a catch-22 isn't it? Wouldn't rolling forward the logical logs
> > restore the same things I don't want to apply? I know I can tell onbar
> > restore to a specific point in time, but I don't know what logical logs
> > would be rolled forward in order to synchronize the newly restored
> dbspace.
> > I would appreciate some clarifications on this matter as it affects our
> > development and implementation efforts in releasing a new system.
> > I am a Sytem Admin/DBA at a financial institution in Belize.

> > Grateful for your help.
> > Regards,

> > Denmark W.

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Mon, 02 Jun 2003 00:36:16 GMT
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